Latest 2018 Bikini Suit for Women

Try to imagine yourself on an island cove with fine white sand surrounded by pristine waters and lush mountains in the backdrop or in the beautiful Chaaya Resorts Malidives.

The sun is in your face while a cool breeze makes your hair sway as you listen to soft and soothing music by the shore.

Summer is the time of year where all our goals are either realized or halted.

You made a resolution to lose weight at the start of the year, now is the time to show off what you worked so hard to accomplish.

Swimming is a part of every summer activity. Some women dread this due to the fear of picking out a swimsuit.

Women whose resolutions didn’t pan out would rather avoid this activity than hide their love handles or a large belly.

Here are stylish swimwear for various body types. Get ready to take the plunge this summer.

Speedo Essential

Speedo is the brand that comes to mind when you think about swimming. This piece is for anyone looking for a concealed active swim costume suited for beginners.

It is comfortable and padded with water drying and draining quickly. An excellent choice for first-timers out there, you can never go wrong with this piece.

Speedo Full Body Suit

The best choice for fully covered swimwear for ladies. A part of the essential variant, this choice is best for those who don’t want to get a tan.

It can also protect you from the chlorine content in the pool.

You get a two-piece detachable swimwear that is comfortable and fits like a glove. The padding support gives us extra comfort while swimming.

Four Piece Stripped Suit

This is a bargain! You get four pieces in one, it’s like having two full suits.

For starters, you can wear the entire set(bikini, tank, and shorts) for your initial swim.

You can wear the bikini for a swimming party this summer. The fabric is smooth and dries in an instant. Take care of the pieces by washing in cold water.

Sea Blue Swimwear

This azure suit is the best color for your swimwear. You get both coverage and style. The tank trails down and covers your hips, and the snug shorts are form fitting making you blend into your surroundings the minute you dive in.

Printed Tank With Shorts

This stylish printed suit is perfect for anyone who is not ready yet to try active swimwear. This is your best bet for hiding your bulges. The piece has subtle cuts, padded supports to the chest and shorts that can camouflage above your knee.

Halterneck Mesh Designs

This stylish suit has a halter neckline that moves back into a form-hugging silhouette. This piece is surely for keeps.

One Piece Monokini

A monokini is a one-piece suit with a facelift. It looks like a traditional one piece from the front and a one piece from the back.

It has a fish scale bottom, halter neck and a bow that you can tie.

Open Back with V-halter neck

For those who want to look stylish but have a broad frame, this piece is perfect for you.

A classy swimwear that is designed not to show your butt-cheeks.

If you want to cover up your tummy, floral prints are the best choice. They take away attention from your waistline and hide the hip area too. A blessing in disguise for many women out there.

Striped Two Piece Tankini

A tankini is another of those new words for the latest swimwear designs. The top piece looks and feels like a tank top. The boyfriend shorts are taut and comfy so you don’t have to worry about malfunctions. It has a padded protection that lifts and supports the bustline and moves down into a transparent fabric with stripes.

Monochrome Waved High Neck Design

Some think that monochrome designs are boring. This high neck monochrome suit in waved black and white design will definitely change your mind. It is body hugging and comfy to wear. A sure head turner on your next beach vacation.

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